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Welcome to The Journey To Higher Self, a nurturing space devoted to your spiritual healing journey, self-exploration, intuitive and multidimensional wellbeing. 
A sacred field of spiritual healing services facilitated by Laura to offer you a portal into many energy healing practices and tools. 

Laura is a powerful and intuitive spiritual healer on a mission to help you awaken and expand your consciousness so you can remember who you truly are.

Meet Laura

Angelic Reiki Master Healer, Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Reader, Crystal Healer and Candle Maker, Free Spirit, Empath, loving daughter, friend, fiancé, and mother of a beautiful black kitten named Angelo. 

She is a grateful, highly creative, and quirky Aquarius, and the world is her oyster, where she desires to help improve it and help others within it through multidimensional healing.

Laura is on a mission to help humanity awaken, heal, and expand its consciousness, supporting people to learn how to live a more heart-centred and authentic life by stepping into their true potential.

The Journey To Higher Self is a sacred space she created specifically for 1-1 spiritual healing services, designed to help you release all that no longer serves your Mind, Body, and Soul, and to find and connect with that which is fully aligned with your purpose, joy, and happiness. 

She offers soulful guidance and healing through various energy healing methods to nourish your cosmic consciousness, and help you navigate your spiritual awakening and transformational journey.

Her broad knowledge in Angelic Reiki, Tarot and Oracle Reading, Crystal Healing, Breathwork, Integral Sound Healing, and more, are Laura’s main spiritual tools in helping people to open their hearts to love and keep their minds open to new possibilities to create their best lives on Earth.

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How Can She Serve You

Guided by her Intuition, Spirit Guides, Angels and Higher Realms, Laura can help you find your direction in life by channelling the answers and signs that you need to know the most at this present moment in time and space. She can empower you to gain instant access to your intuition, your inner source of power and wisdom, to find inner happiness, joy, harmony and connection with a deeper meaning of life. She lovingly guides you to see the truths you dare not to tell yourself.

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Angelic Reiki Master Healer on a mission to change human consciousness through a powerful, yet gentle, hands-on energy healing system that allows high vibration angelic energies to work upon your mind, body and soul. She works with the Angels and Archangels, which communicate with her through the vibration and energy of Pure Love and Light. With their assistance, she can help you release any physical, ancestral, emotional and karmic imbalances across all times and incarnations.  

With deep love and connection to Mother Nature, Laura can connect to the unique energetic frequencies of gemstones and crystals, to help her clients heal their bodies naturally and to nurture a balanced wellbeing. She has the ability to communicate with crystals on an energetic level, to align them with the energy flow of the human body, helping to realign the energy channels that are interrupting the natural flow of energy, thus encouraging a powerful process of self-healing. 

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Laura is a passionate healing crystal candles maker, hand poured with love, infused with Angelic Reiki Energy and carefully crafted with 100% natural soy wax, pure essential oils, authentic crystals, dried herbs and flowers. Intending to spread her light with the world, she pours her love and healing into her own creations by combining beautiful scents with specific crystals and energies to help you cleanse, balance and empower any parts of you and your life needed the most at this time. 

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Healing Crystal Candles

Step into the world of light, healing, and positivity with Laura’s soy healing crystal candles.

Hand poured with love, infused with Angelic Reiki Energy, scented with pure essential oils, and charged with authentic crystals.

16 Signature Candles created with intention, love, and light.

Available to order from Etsy UK.

Are you ready to Awaken, Transform, Be?