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Tarot & Oracle Reader
Angelic Reiki Master Teacher
Healing Crystal Candles Maker

Laura's Story

Hi beautiful Soul, I’m Laura, and I’m so happy to warmly welcome you to The Journey To Higher Self. 

A while ago, I started my spiritual awakening journey, which led me home – to myself. This journey has been and is all about conscious living, freedom, intuition, connection, love and light. 

But before I arrived at this state of consciousness, I’ve been through a tough but beautiful spiritual and transformational journey. 

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Since I can remember, I’ve always been curious and kind, compassionate and loving to everything and everyone around me.

Always with a need to help others, to make them smile and laugh with my quirky jokes, to take care, listen and guide them. To be an example, a source of motivation and inspiration for those in need.

I’ve always felt like I am someone’s and everyone’s angel.

From a very young age, I’ve been shadowed by fear-based living and anxiety, however, not long ago I took my first leap of faith in changing my life forever.

I studied years of mathematics, event management, graduated with a first masters degree in digital marketing… I followed the path of creative writing, lived the life of a digital nomad on a tropical island, met the love of my life and lived the 9 to 5 life…

And slowly… I am now starting to do what I am meant to do. 

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I’m a Free Spirit with a lot of gratitude, love and light that I want to share with you and the rest of the world.

And yes, it took me 24 years of life on Earth to come to this realisation…and now it’s my absolute passion and Soul mission to help people experience this magic on their own.

The magic of awakening, healing and higher consciousness. 

Life Purpose & Soul Mission

If you’re reading this now, you’re here to remember who you are and to connect with the love and potential you’ve always been. 

The Journey To Higher Self has been intuitively created with the guidance of the Universe, Spirit Guides and Angels. My aim is to share the very best spiritual resources and practices to support your life journey into a more conscious and mindful way of Being.

It’s inspired by 24 years of living on our magical planet Earth and many lives before from all around existence, all cosmic lands steeped in elemental healing, ancient wisdom and potent magic that we all have access to.

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Spiritual tools and sage on red leafs

I share some of the most unique, expansive and nurturing ways of living a “Soulful Life”, guided by my Intuition.

I am on a mission to help you awaken to the reality that it is time for love to penetrate every aspect of our lives, and for heaven to become fully anchored on this Earth.

But before we can achieve this as a collective consciousness, we must first heal ourselves on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual level and beyond.

Spiritual Healing Services

My energy healing sessions include a wide range of holistic approaches, blending aspects of Intuitive Tarot and Oracle ReadingAngelic Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Integral Sound Healing and Aromatherapy. 

All sessions can be fully customised to meet your individual preferences, as I love allowing myself to be inspired and guided by the fascination my Soul searchers have with my energy healing knowledge, ingredients, tools and talismans. 

Each energy healing session can be done in person (when possible), via Zoom, email or over the phone. 

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Girl picking tarot cards in a reading

Tarot & Oracle Reading

Each Tarot and Oracle Reading session can be fully customised, depending on your needs and wants at the time. I usually allow myself a short period of time prior the reading to cleanse and protect the reading space, my tools, myself and my client. 

I then invite the highest form of Divine Love and Light to enter the space, and I ask for guidance from my guides in Spirit to help me reveal the messages that will best serve you and your life journey. 

The cards will pick up your energy at the time of the reading, and they will help unpack the thoughts in your mind so you can make the best decisions about an area of your life so you can move forward with more grace and ease.

Angelic Reiki Healing

The Angelic Reiki Healing sessions always begin with a consultation.

Whilst remain fully clothed, the treatments involve gentle touch as I place one hand on your higher heart chakra and the other hand just above the solar plexus as you lie on a therapy couch, or you can be seated in a chair. My hand positions can remain the same throughout, or change depending on where the healing needs to be applied.

You will feel relaxed, warm and safe while the angels connect with you through your consciousness, to bring whatever healing best suits your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs at the time of your treatment.

Angelic reiki healer during energy healing session

Crystal Healing

Throughout my spiritual journey I’ve developed a beautiful connection and love for crystals, our planet’s natural healing gems.

Crystal healing is a holistic and natural therapy that taps into the energetic power of crystals and how they affect the body and mind. I will place healing crystals on or around a client to help unblock, focus and direct energy. The crystals are used as conduits for energy healing, allowing positive energy to flow into the body as negative energy flows out. 

During a crystal healing session, I may place various crystals on the body aligned with chakra points. The stones used and their positioning will be specifically chosen to allow the highest possible healing to take place.

Integral Sound Healing

Healing with instruments is an ancient and powerful process that balances the body, mind and spirit, and I came to love it during my spiritual journey. It’s a beautiful blend of modern scientific research, ancient wisdom, art and music therapy.

The sounds produced by healing instruments and voice can take the human spirit in different states of consciousness, affecting all human levels: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gongs, Drums and Chimes allow deep relaxation of both sides of the brain, reason why after integral sound therapy, emotions are calm, the mind clearer, and the body gains a better energy flow. 

I may place instruments around or on the body or in different locations around the healing room. Depending on where my intuition guides me toward, that’s where the sound healing is most needed. 

Tibetan bowl sound healing session
Journey of self love candle

Healing Crystal Candles

Since I was a little girl, I can remember how much I loved candles. Their smell, warmth and uplifting energy has always been a part of my life, and not only during the holidays. My Healing Crystal Candles are hand made with love, aiming to bring a specific energy into your space and life.

Each candle has a unique packaging, a powerful yet gentle combination of pure essential oils and crystals, dried herbs and flowers that drop beneath the surface after the first burn. 

Additionally, I infuse all my healing candles with Angelic Reiki Energy to bring whatever healing best suits your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs at this time.

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“With every breath, I become more myself. More and more in touch with the Divine within. I inhale confidence and wisdom as I open the channel to my intuition. And as I exhale, I release anything that holds me back from being true to me. All the limiting beliefs, the grief, the lies I tell myself. I let go of all the things causing me unhappiness and pain. With each breath, I give myself peace and harmony, surrendering wholeheartedly into myself, to love, and closer towards my dreams.”

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Realise your inner spiritual potential