Spiritual Healing Services

The Spiritual Journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love.

– Marianne Williamson

Tarot & Oracle Reading

Tarot reading session

Laura’s Tarot and Oracle Reading sessions will offer spiritual guidance on how to transmute any parts of you, your life and your relationships that aren’t yet fully open to receiving the love and potential that you already are.

All readings are based on her powerful intuition, psychic guidance and trust that the right messages will be revealed at the right time. 

30 minutes session

Personalised sessions are available upon request. 

Angelic Reiki Healing

Prior to any Angelic Reiki Healing session, Laura creates a 30 minutes window to discuss with you your concerns and the reasons why angelic reiki feels like the best option for you at this time. 

After receiving the basic information, she continues with a mix of both open and close-ended questions whilst taking notes. This is simply to understand what areas of your life need her attention the most, and how can she serve you in the highest way possible. 

After the consultation, you and Laura can then decide together what healing add-ons could bring extra benefits to your angelic reiki sessions, and how the treatment will unfold. 

30 minutes consultation 

It can take place in person or online.

Energy healer and client

Laura’s Angelic Reiki Healing sessions will guide you to a deeper understanding of your unique energetic health and vitality.

Her powerful energy healing and spiritual transformation techniques expand human consciousness by transferring direct energy from the Archangels and The Angels of Light, reconnecting you with the Divine and the Divine presence within.

1 hour session in person or via distance

Personalised add-ons are available upon request.

Angelic reiki healer during energy healing session

Angelic Reiki Healing Add-Ons

A variety of spiritual healing services, tools, techniques and practices can be added to each session. 

Crystals Icon

Crystal Healing

It involves placing crystals on the body or nearby to draw out negative energy and to absorb, focus and direct positive energy.

Essential oils icon with flower


With the help of pure essential oils, aromatherapy can elevate one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

Chakras icon

7 Chakras Energy Assessment

With a crystal pendulum, energetic blocks and imbalances can be detected, helping to balance, heal and clear the mind and body. 

Tarot cards icon

Tarot and Oracle Reading

Gain profound insights about yourself, your life and your relationships with a clear mind under the guidance of your intuitive powers.

Tibetan bowl icon

Integral Sound Healing

Through the unique sound vibrations produced by many healing instruments, one can experience relaxation and powerful healing properties. 

Healing Crystal Candles

Abundance candle

With a loving passion for candles since childhood, Laura hand pours with love her own signature healing crystal candles. 

It all started in her small but cosy apartment kitchen when her heart spoke to Laura the intention of spreading her light with the world in a way that everybody will embrace. 

Laura’s favourite saying is “Give light and people will find their way.”  

Her candles are made with 100% natural soy wax, pure essential oils, authentic crystals, dried herbs and flowers, pink Himalayan salt and infused with Angelic Reiki Healing energy. 

Each healing crystal candle is made with the purpose to invite a specific healing energy into your life and space. 

They are now available to order on Etsy UK.

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