Tarot & Oracle Reading

What is Tarot Reading?

Tarot is a beautiful instrument that reveals the hidden things of life and makes sense out of the visible ones.

The study and practice of tarot and oracle reading was the beginning of Laura’s self-inquiry journey. It opened her to her truth of who we are and of what everything is. When Laura reached that point, she started to see her truth in every force and form.

Everything is our teacher. Everything is us.

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Tarot and Oracle Reading Sessions with Laura

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Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a traditionally structured deck with a few more rules than Oracle cards. Laura loves to use The Rider Waite Tarot Deck in her readings, which contains 78 beautiful cards. 

Tarot cards are as the pages inside a book. When she does a tarot reading, it all unfolds like a storybook, where each of those cards is like a page of the storybook – the story of your life and transformational journey.

The cards provide meaningful messages that can be understood only if approached with a clear mind and an open heart. An openness to all that is at the time of the tarot reading. They are the bridge between the logic mind of the receiver and their intuitive powers, which together provide the messages that must be heard to benefit your highest good and life trajectory. 

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards don’t have a set number of cards and they are more free-flowing, featuring any kind of content (such as archangels, spirit animals, natural elements, etc). 

These type of cards hold a very powerful energy as they can provide insights into the greater sense of what is going on. Oracle cards are like the whole book or a chapter of the book, whereas Tarot cards are only a storybook. 

Laura loves to use Kyle Gray’s Oracle Decks in her readings as they’re centred around helping you to connect with your Angels and the Divine. Ultimately, it is up to Laura to choose what feels right for the reading, as well as your intuition and what gets your attention the most. Laura also loves to use tarot and oracle cards together, as that is a beautiful way to gain a deeper understanding into the full picture with as many details as possible.

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Laura’s Tarot and Oracle readings will provide guidance on how to transmute and transform any parts of you, your life and relationships that aren’t yet fully open to receiving the love and potential that you already are.

Her reading sessions will bring you new insights and perspectives to assist you in knowing your purpose, understanding past, current and future situations and making the best decisions based on your highest timeline.

Through Cosmic & Divine Energy, she channels answers to your questions about any areas of your life that may come up at this present moment.

You’ll receive validation of your intuitive hints, clarity on your next steps or decisions that need to be made, insights into your spiritual journey, personality, on your relationships and their unique role in your life. 

You will gain a deeper understanding of how to navigate your unique experiences in this lifetime, actions that will best serve you and the highest good of all, as well as important areas to look at and work upon. 

Based on your energetic field, aura and intentions at the time of the reading, she will intuitively choose the Tarot or Oracle deck that will benefit you the most. 

Laura is a passionate tarot and oracle reader with a lot of love in researching and applying new reading techniques to develop new ways of serving her clients in the best ways possible.

*All her tarot and oracle readings can be done via Zoom, email and in-person when/if possible.*

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