Your Healing Crystal Candle

Candles and their light attract prosperity and positive energy, all while creating a beautiful ambience,
but when paired with crystals, essential oils and Angelic Reiki healing energy, their power can truly enhance all areas of your life.
When lighting up your candle, spoken affirmations can become powerful statements of truth which you aspire to absorb into your being. 
So find out your special affirmations below!
Manifesting miracles candle

Manifesting Miracles  

I have clear intentions for my life.

I am a powerful co-creator.

I am manifesting my wildest dreams.

Journey of self love candle

Journey Of Self Love 

I am love.

I love myself unconditionally.

I am loved.

I trust candle

I Trust

I trust myself.

I trust my Divine purpose.

I trust the Universe.

Balance Yin and Yang candle

Balance Yin and Yang

I am balanced.

I strive to achieve balance between my thoughts and my actions.

I balance my intellect with my heart, and receive peace, strength, and wisdom in return.

I am protected candle

I Am Protected

I am divinely protected at all times.

I am safe.

I am always lovingly watched over by my team of guides.

Intuition candle


I allow my intuition to take over.

I honour and nurture my intuition.

I am connected with my higher inner power.

Angel's touch candle

Angel’s Touch

I am in touch with my Angels.

I am Divinely guided.

I am always protected and loved from above.

Abundance candle


I am connected to the endless abundance of the Universe.

I am living a life of abundance and ease.

I openly share the abundance that I receive.

I am grateful candle

I Am Grateful

I am deeply grateful for all that is and for all my blessings.

I am grateful for all the opportunities provided by the Divine.

I am grateful that I can create wealth by doing the things I love.

The age of aquarius candle

The Age Of Aquarius

I honour the truth of my heart.

I embrace the path that points my life in the right direction.

I follow the path of my dreams.

Breathe candle


I allow myself the space to breathe deeply.

I breathe in peace and I breathe out love.

I breathe consciously and I release the fear that is preventing me from moving forward.

I shine my light candle

I Shine My Light

I am a beautiful soul and I shine my light bright.

I open my higher heart and I allow my light to come through.

I am light and love.

I feel candle

I Feel

I allow my emotions to flow with ease.

I enjoy pleasure in all areas of my life.

I am in sync with all my feelings.

I am grounded candle

I Am Grounded

I am securely rooted into the Earth.

I am calm, strong, centred and peaceful. 

I am grounded in my deepest truth.

New moon magic candle

New Moon Magic

I am manifesting only that which aligns with my soul.

I invite new abundant beginnings and prosperity into my life.

I co-create with the Universe in making my dreams come true.

Full Moon Magic candle

Full Moon Magic

I release all that no longer serves my highest good and the highest good of all.

I let go.

I surrender.

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